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Line of Credit, SBA,
Term Loans

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Tell us about your business.

Complete our short online application on your personal computer or smart phone. The process is completely secure and confidential. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your business.

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Syndicated Investors

Once approved and finalized, our syndicated network of investors and financial resources instantly deposit funds to your bank account for immediate use. Many transactions can be completed same day you're approved. Get started now.


Up to $125,000 (SLOC)

 Lines of Credit

companies just starting out or less than a year in business you have the next great idea or the perfect opportunity.  RHC can provide up to $125,000 in startup capital. No hassle. Fast funding

What’s a Term Loan?

A Term Loan  —  isn't a loan. The same rules, regulations and requirements do not apply. Instead of borrowing money, you sell your future revenue can be appealing because they provide quick funding and have more lenient qualification requirements — meaning you can get approved even with bad credit.

Red Heart capital does not offer a term loan advance. Instead, we offer a line of credit or a business term loan.  Our products are quick and easy to apply for and you can receive the funds you need fast. Our dedicated team of loan advisors is here to help you find the best fit for you.

Before you decide which funding option is right for you, research your options to understand how a term loan works and how it compares to other forms of small business funding.

Fast, easy and reliable funding for all your business needs.

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Complete the application.

Our streamlined process is designed to be completed in just minutes.

Get a decision.

Work with an expert loan advisor to choose the best option for you.

Receive your funds.

Sign your contract and get funds as soon as the same day.


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