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Start Up Capital Syndicated Line of Credit (SLOC)

All the benefits of a small business loan with the flexibility of using the money on your terms.
A business line of credit is a type of small-business loan that provides additional flexibility that a regular business loan just doesn’t.  With a business line of credit, you can borrow up to certain limit-say, $250,000-and pay interest only the portion of money that you borrow.

Do you need to manage cash flow?  Pay for a surprise expense?  Buy inventory?
If so, then a business line of credit may be a solution for you.

It's a better way to fund your business

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Run all three credit reports and send back your username, password, and last 4 digits of your SS#, Its only $1.00 for all three credit scores. (Soft Pull Only)

Email your information to
Username, password, and last 4 digit of your ss#


Approval With In 2 hours

Email Sample

Username: rhc@123
Password: money4u
Last 4 of Social: 4402

No Paperwork, No Asset, No Appraisal, No Headache

Our funding programs do not require very limited asset verification, no business appraisal and little to no paperwork. This means in some cases you apply, get an approval, sign and move on to bigger and better things. That's it. No headache. Get started today.

Credit Score of 680 +
Funding Range 10K - 100K; Avg 50K 
No Business Bank Statement
No more then 6 to 10 Inquiries
At Least A Year of Individual Credit History
This is the Best time to get Start-Up Capital
No Time in Business Required - Great for Start-Up
No Restricted Industries - We fund it all! 

Call Us: (888) 908-1659

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